Hermon School Department COVID Update 9.3.21 

Penobscot County has the highest rate of increase! 

Please, please, please do not send your child to school if they have any symptoms of sickness.  

Please consider vaccination if you are not vaccinated.

Let's keep this guy on the field!! 

HSD Pool Testing

1. First, click here (https://testcenter.concentricbyginkgo.com/minor-consent).

2. Then, enter this access code: QGFE84

3. Finally, enter your child’s information, and you’re done!

Updated Cases


1 New Case PreK,  5 Quarantines


1 Case (outside of school)


15 Total Positives, 30 quarantine

Football Practices Cancelled until Sept 13

Penobscot County Updates: https://covid.cdc.gov/covid-da...

Northern Light Inpatients Info 

PADS Outdoor Cafeteria

Have a great weekend!