As we anticipated there are cases of COVID-19.   Almost all at this point are from community transmission, meaning before school began or from athletic participantion.

The cases in each of our schools: 

PADS= 6 positive cases prior to school starting, 0 after school began, 0 in quarantine

HMS= 6 positive cases, 1 pending symptomatic, 3 in quarantine

HHS= 9 positive cases and 5 pending symptomatic, 9 in quarantine

Pool Testing= 496 staff and students signed up for pool testing, we have been conducting daily pool tests, 1 day HMS, 1 day PADS and 2 days HHS


•Please continue to check your child for symptoms before sending them to school. 

•Please sign up for pool testing to help keep your child out of quarantine. 

•Please consider vaccination

•Following Universal Masks, per MCDC has saved at least 30 quarantines

Stay well, Go Hawks!