HSD Updates 11.2.2020

I hope that you are all well.  

Who works at Central Office?  I am glad that you asked. We have many new staff and parents so this is for you! 

Pieter DeHass: Payroll and accounts payable
Rhonda Hachey: Sped Assistant, all things SPED, Great Person
Jamie Rennebu: iBusiness Manager Extraordinaire
Jody White: Supt Admin Assistant, Human Resources, State Reporting and much more
Jeff Wheeler: IT Director
Geary Wheeler: IT, Student Information Systems
Cindy Badger: Sped Director
Melissa Davis: Curriculum Coordinator/ESEA Coordinator/And More
Jim Chasse: Superintendent of Schools 

Central Updates

-Technology:  It is so good to see such happy staff and students as we up our game with technology.  We are confident that staff and students put them to good use for teaching and learning. 

-CRF Childcare: We are assembling in the background all community request for childcare reimbursement (about 88 applicants) and should be able to begin disbursement in November. 

The Y Academy had a bit of a setback due to the Bangor Y COVID case.  This will pick up again next week and we will send out the new information to the community. 

The childcare reimbursement grant for essential workers is beginning to be processed for those who qualified based on essential worker status and or income status.  

-Calendar:  Thanks for the flexibility for Election Day schedule adjustments at PADS.  We really appreciate the parent flexibility.   

-Athletics: MPA/DOE/DHHS looking at winter athletics but with no decision as of yet.  We believe that there will be some form of indoor winter sports.  Our fall season is wrapping up, thus far without a case of COVID.  Great to see participation.  This weekend our Hermon Hawks defeated Bangor in a battle of undefeated soccer teams.  Great job!  Story HERE.  Congrats to all of our teams, you can follow them on our Hermon Athletics Facebook Page.

-Food Service:  Numbers continue to climb.  That's great. 

-Homeschoolers:  Kudos to the homeschool team for putting together packets to stay connected to families that want to stay connected.  This will allow us to include them in a portion of our enrollment count. Great job.  

-The Big 6:  Please continue to practice the expectations of distance, masks, and general COVID safety.  Thanks

-Nurses and Protocol:  When students show signs of illness that could connect to COVID, nurses will treat students as if they are probable cases which may require medical proof to return to school.

-MORE STUDENT DAYS.  There is communication in Hermon circles about how to gain back more student days.  We are in the process of planning and will keep you posted.  There are a few options that we are studying. 

Having said that, you can see for yourself the increase in COVID cases happening all around us in the state.  Friday, two more counties were classified as Yellow on the state list, 54 students and staff were quarantined in Hampden over the weekend and the governor has downgraded indoor gatherings (HERE).  So, we will continue to discuss more days but will also prepare for resets, and remote learning.  

-COVID State Update:  Two more counties are yellow, here is the weekly color code update HERE.

-Hermon Middle School Traffic Safety.  We are pleased to inform you that the Maine DOT will be upgrading the middle school entry area during high traffic times. 

MDOT is making a change at the Middle School section of Billings road to include a designated school speed zone. Sign locations have been marked on Billings for the install team and changes to this section of "State-Aid" roadway regarding the speed during school hours will take effect when the signs are erected within the next 45 days.

The change reduces the speed from 30mph to 15mph at this section during the times when school is opening and letting out. MDOT is asking that we announce to interested parties who can help with enforcement, employee notification and resident awareness. 

-Stay Informed.  School updates can be found on either or both the school's website and or Facebook page.  

Stay Safe.

Go Hawks!