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Virtual Robotics

Use your Scratch coding skills in a whole new way. Start off by clicking on Playground so you can see your robot, and select different backgrounds.


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Spelling City Links

Mrs. York’s Weebly

1. Math Games

2 Cyberchase Math Games

3. The Ice Harvest: A Maine Tradition

4. Comic Creator
Select backgrounds and images – add text!

5. Wacky Web Tales ◊
Enter nouns, verbs and adjectives – then read the story you’ve helped to create!

6. Maine State Kids’ Page
Great information about our state!

7. Maine Memory Network
Search for photos and information about our state’s history

8. Maine Memory Exhibit

Blueberries to Potatoes: Farming in Maine (also corn)

9. Maine Products

10. Epic!

11.Frogs and Toads
Link for Venn Diagram activity

12. Gulf of Maine Aquarium

13. Tumblebooks

15.Internet Diagram
How do you connect to a certain webpage?

16. Famous People from Maine
Links to information about 22 famous people from our state

17. How Does Your Garden Grow?

18 Pond-er This

19. Wow! Windmills

20. Turtle Choices
Enchanted Learning Dictionary

21. Snake Choices
Enchanted Learning Dictionary

23. Fact Hound
Want to find out more about your Reading Street topics? Click here and browse by subject!

25. POND-er This

26.Aaron Shepard’s Stories Online ◊
Folktales, fairy tales, tall tales, myths, legends and more!

27. Word Games ◊

28. Storyline Online ◊

29.Journey North Creature Quiz
Can you identifiy these sights and sounds of spring?

30. Journey North




Barn Swallow

Barn Swallow


Red Winged Black Bird

Red Winged Black Bird

33.Word Build & Bank ◊

34.Children’s Storybooks Online ◊

36. Vocabulary Games ◊
Choose a topic – choose a level

37. Typing Practice
Use this online program to become even better at keyboarding!

38. Snowfall Chart from Fact Monster
Information for 100 U.S. cities

39. NOAA Precipitation Data
Information for approximately 60 U.S. cities

42. Study Stack ◊

43. PopWord ◊

Highlight letters (up, down, diagonally) to form a word and score points

44. Free Rice ◊

Games that make a difference!

45. Word Wizard ◊

46. Sandcastle Quiz ◊

47. MakeBeliefsComix ◊

Create your own comic strip story

48. Giggle Poetry ◊

49. Verb Viper ◊

Feed the right verb to the viper by clicking on his head

50. Word Frog ◊

Find the antonyms, synonyms and homonyms

51. Word Invasion ◊

Identify these parts of speech: nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs and prepositons

52. Coconut Vowels ◊

Match the vowel combinatons to the coconuts before they reach the beach

53. Alien Addition

54. Minus Mission

55. Meteor Multiplication

56. Demolition Division

57. Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands

58. Maine County and Town Search

59. Maine County Features

61. Sequencing Fun ◊

62. Have Fun ◊

Language Games

63. World o’ Words ◊

Vocabulary games

64. Grammar Crackers ◊

Grammar games

65. Nature Connections: Hermon!

70. Grammar Practice Park ◊
Sentence types, nouns, pronouns, verbs, plurals and more!

71. Word Sort ◊

72. Scott Foresman Resources ◊

resources for students and teachers

73. Spelling City◊

find your stories – find activities!

74. Kids’ Art Zone

Interactive art you can make online from the National Gallery of Art

77. Scholastic’s Computer Lab Favorites

Dozens of language, science, social studies, math and Spanish activities

Select 3-5 level

78. Wacky Word Game

from writingfix.com

80. Bug Guide

Identify our pond beetles!

83. Chess for Two Players

84. Writing Spider

85. Clicky’s videos from Netsmartz

86. Vocabulary Spelling City

select free games in left column


88. Tide Pools #2

89. Digital Citizenship

90. Planets

from Enchanted Learning Dictionary

91. The Story of Snow: a digital book

three different ways to play with a U.S. states map

93. Welcome Home, Giant Octopus

Octopuses as Pets

How to Keep an Octopus as a Pet

Feeding My Octopus

94. Gloomy Octopus in the News

95. From Text to Speech tool

96. Kids Open Dictionary

97, Lions and Technology

          Response to Lions and Technology

98. Krill Video: Animals of the Ice

99. Krill Facts: Kid’s Center

100. Krill Facts Center

101. Krill from National Geographic

102. Lil’ Krill
103. Tinkercad

104. Room Recess activities

Digital Characters to Evaluate:

Sandy's Story

Bess's Story

Dexter's Story

George's Story

Jerry's Story

Tina's Story

Here's a video that will answer the question: What came first:

The computer, or the computer program? What do you think?

(I hope the puppets are not too annoying ~ the story is worth it!)

More about Algorithms: